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Aikido School of Queens Reviews!

  • Thor A, Aikido School of Queens Testimonials

    It was an very unexpected surprise to find an authentic traditional Aikido program for my son here. Having left NYC where he studied for many years under a very formal instructor, he disliked every other program we found because of their sloppiness, laziness and poor etiquette. I just couldnt deal with 2-3 hours of driving anymore, back and forth tolls, gas and parking lots. It took just one visit to Aikido of Queens to put an end to the search - cleanliness, order, discipline, happiness and formality in the physical surroundings, the conduct of the students and the demeanor of the class. My son was embraced warmly by his advanced peers and just lights up when we go. All of this is no accident, I know why this is. Any organization is simply a reflection of its leader. And I cant say enough about it.

    Thor A
  • Melissa F, Aikido School of Queens Testimonials

    Waltzer sensei is not only an inspired teacher but also a fabulous person with a great of gold. I would recommend this dojo to all adults and children wishing to train in the martial arts.

    Melissa F
  • Meera A, Aikido School of Queens Testimonials

    Aikido of Queens is hands down the best martial arts in Queens and in Long Island. It's all about self defense, respect, discipline. Am I a fan? For sure:)

    Meera A
  • Andrew P, Aikido School of Queens Testimonials

    Wonderful school to learn modern and old school aikido from caring and disciplined teachers and amongst many great individuals.

    Andrew P
  • Joseph M, Aikido School of Queens Testimonials

    Waltzer sensei is an informative and patient instructor.

    Joseph M
  • Jake T, Aikido School of Queens Testimonials

    This place is phenomenal both for children and adults. I've been attending this school since I was 10 and it's given me the confidence to stand up against people who bullied me. Not only that but it's given me a whole new perspective on life and self discipline.

    The sensei here only has your best interests at heart and he doesn't sugar coat anything. He tells you everything like it is, good or bad, and he'll give you sound advice for what you need to do for improvement.

    I've seen and experienced a few other dojo's and I can say with confidence this place is unique. They don't participate in any tournements or competitions and promotions are based solely on merit. Everyone has an equal chance and they all start at the same level.

    I recommend this place for anyone with children, or for themselves. It's a great place for people who are looking to get fit and learn practical self defense.

    Jake T

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